Day 3 - Charlie's Pidgeon

As we all know we should be washing our hands a lot, and when we do it should be taking us about 20 seconds.  Apparently, we need to sing Happy Birthday while we wash out hands and because it takes 10 seconds to sing we have to sing it twice... but we know another BETTER song that only takes 10 seconds to sing!

So day 3, and you'll need a phone and a camera person for this. We want a video of you washing your hands - a closeup of your hands would be great - whilst singing 2 verses of 'Charlie Had a Pigeon'. At the end of the second verse you can choose what Charlies Pigeon is covered in... personally I think he's covered in hand sanitiziser. If you need a refresher on the lyrics, here's some Scouts singing it -

When you've recorded your 20 minutes of musical cleanliness, email me the video, or a link to the video to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will compile them all together into one epic extraviganza of hygene.